Welcome on Detect99's brand new site!

Detect99 offers materials analysis services that are carried out with the use of a particle accelerator.

This site is new, and far from complete. This will gradually improve (hopefully).

The 3.5 MV Singletron from HVEE (Amersfoort, Nl), previously installed at AccTec BV is currently being reinstalled at Differ (www.differ.nl). After installment, Detect99 will have access it to perform commercial Ion Beam Analysis of materials.  

Herewith, the only Dutch facility for ion beam analysis will become available at your disposal. In the meantime, services will be carried out with the use of ion beam facilities abroad.

Click further for more information about the methods, their specifications and examples. Other keywords: extensive experience, personalized advice, fast and comprehensive reporting. IBA: indispensable for the understanding of thin layers!




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